Grupo DX de Cuba will celebrate its 40th birthday with a special activity

On the first day of next September, it will be 40 years since in Havana, a small group of Cuban DXers founded the Grupo DX de Cuba (GDXC).
For this reason, throughout this month, the hunt for more than sixty members and aspirants of the group will be the objective of those who enthusiastically aspire to obtain the certificate ¨ 40th Anniversary of the GDXC¨.

As has already happened in previous celebrations, not only Cuban members of the group join the valid stations, but there will be also members who responded to the call from Bulgaria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Hungary, Spain, the United States, the Canary Islands, Colombia, Japan and Mexico.
Three basic versions of the certificate will be awarded, depending on the number of valid stations worked, regardless of band or mode. To obtain the “Gold” seal, it will be necessary to work at least 50 of the valid stations, for “Silver” 40 and for “Bronze” 30.
In addition, in parallel a general classification will be created with all the contacts that are made, which may be daily, by band and mode. At the end, those who occupy the first ten places in this classification will receive a certificate with the category ¨Diamond¨.
Finally, a special Certificate will be granted to those who, over the years, have become creditors of the certificates granted during the 35th, 38th and 39th anniversaries, in addition to the 40th.
Those who aspire to the certificate in any of its variants, must send their request to the electronic address
It must include all the contacts made with each of the valid stations, organized chronologically and also specifying the date, the time in UTC, the band and the mode. QSOs made in any band and mode will be valid, in the case of the 2 meter band, contacts made through repeater stations will not be accepted. We reiterate, daily contacts will be allowed, which will help in the general classification score to obtain the ¨Diamante¨ category.
The member and applicant stations of the DX Group of Cuba that will be valid for the certificate are the following: CP6CL, EA5B, EA8XNX, HA3JB, HC1DAZ, HK3TK, HK6DOS, JH1AJT, K7JA, LZ1BY, WB2REM, XE1KK/6E6E, CM2ANA, CM2RSV, CO2AAT, CO2AFV, CO2BK, CO2CMI, CO2II, CO2JD, CO2PBR, CO2RQ, CO2TZ, CO2VDD, CO2YQ, CM3EFM, CM5ABC, CO5FM, CO5LB, CO5WE, CO6OV, CO8RBD, CO6DE, CO6EC, CO6HZ, CO6KVA, CO6RD, CO6SRS, CO6WIL, CM7VI, CO7DSR, CO7EPP, CO7HH, CO7HNS, CO7JY, CO7MS, CO7MLS, CO7OK, CO7YS, CO8BYT, CO8CY, CO8HO, CO8LY, CO8NMN, CO8MGY, CO8NDZ, CO8OH, CO8RRM, CO8RCP, CO8SC, CO8VQ, CO8VW, CO8WAL and CO8ZZ.

See you in the air!


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