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Dic 16 2016

The Cuban Award Program

By Raúl Verdecie /CO8ZZ If there is a latent memory of my beginnings in radio amateur, it is the image of the old timer Benito Neira/CO8AQ (SK), showing me proudly his “Worked All States” (WAS), obtained in the 30’s of past century. It was for me, in that time, a “rare” and old document, certifying …

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Nov 04 2016

T48K (LTCC) during 2016 CQ WW SSB

By Raúl Verdecie, CO8ZZ Following our first Multi-2 experience during the CW ARRL this year, “Las Tunas Contest Crew” (LTCC) believed it possible to try it for the first time during SSB CQ WW and thus consolidate this format for operations to come. This time we left our usual location in “La Herradura” to move …

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Jul 31 2016

6 Meter DXCC Magic from Cuba

By Douglas Ruz, CO8DM My 6 meter DXCC attempt started in November 1997, when a group of Swedish hams from the Kvarnberget Amateur Radio Club, SK0UX, along with Soren Pedersen, OZ1FTU, and Carlos Rodríguez, SM0KCO/CX7CO, visited my club in Las Tunas to participate in the CQ World Wide DX contest (CW). Among my Cuban colleagues …

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Jul 20 2016

Cuban Contest Station Achieves Top Ten

By Douglas Ruz, CO8DM On the morning of Wednesday, February 26, 2014, my friend Raul, CO8ZZ, arrived at my house. He had traveled from Las Tunas, Cuba, the capital city of our province, with antennas and other equipment. I loaded my equipment into his truck and we continued the trip to Chaparra, a small town …

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May 29 2016

My HK1NA experience

by Raul Verdecie/CO8ZZ Amateur Radio offers the privilege to form friendships without preconditions. It creates, it generates, it leads the way and it expands horizons. Months ago I visited one of its temples. It is called “Jumanji”. Since then, I feel like a better person.

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