The Grupo DX de Cuba (GDXC): history and current affairs

The GDXC was founded in Havana, the first day of September 1980. It was a time when the DX activity from Cuba was very limited and only a small group of radio amateurs, almost all of them in the Cuban capital, spent time to the practice of this aspect in ham radio.
The educational and promotional work developed by the Grupo DX de Cuba from then until today, without a doubt, was decisive in the growth of the number of its members, as well as the successes and the prestige achieved by many of them in the international arena.
Currently, in addition to almost a hundred active Cuban radio amateurs, seventy-five radio amateurs from more than twenty countries, including very known DXpeditioners and contesters are members of the GDXC.
Admission and subsequent membership in the GDXC is free. It is only required to have confirmed more than one hundred entities of the “DX Century Club” (DXCC) in HF or more than one hundred grids (Grid Squares) in VHF / UHF. To enter the GDXC in the category “Satellite”, it is necessary to confirm contacts with a minimum of 400 grids (Grid Squares) or 100 entities. The application form can be downloaded at the following addresses:

There is also the possibility of requesting the condition of “aspirant”, for which it is only necessary to confirm more than 50 and up to 99 entities. For both processes, both the physical QSL cards and the confirmations made through the Logbook of the World (LoTW) are valid.
Applicants within the national territory, should contact the representatives of the group designated for such purposes in each of the FRC’s subsidiaries. In the case of foreign colleagues interested in joining the GDXC, they must send the application form along with a photocopy of the DXCC. The contact e-mail for the sending of all the documentation or to clarify any doubt is the following:


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    Felicitaciones por el excelente trabajo del GDXC…73 & 88 para la familia.

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