A Cuban in Åland Islands (OH0X)

Although this is not a first time, that a radio amateur of this part of the Caribbean operates contest stations in other latitudes is not something that happens every day and without a doubt, when it happens, it becomes great news. This time, Douglas/CO8DM, a member of GDXC (Grupo DX de Cuba) and LTCC (Las Tunas Contest Crew) went to Finland and from there was active during the RSGB IOTA Contest, operating the well-known contest super-station OH0X, located in Brändö, Åland Islands (OH0). Douglas said through e-mail, that after more than three thousand QSOs computed over 12 million points, which places them in a position of privilege in its category. Besides Douglas, the station was operated by Pekka/OH2TA, who is also a member of GDXC. During his stay in the Nordic country, Douglas has collaborated with the installation and maintenance of several radiant systems in Finnish stations and plans to hold talks about Las Tunas Contest Crew (LTCC) efforts at the headquarters of several Finnish radioclubs.


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