T40HQ: a symbol of unity

Without a doubt, there aren’t many opportunities that are as special when it comes to sharing efforts behind a common objective as in a “headquarters” station. The fact of operating being kilometers apart one from the other but with the same callsign and purpose gives this category of the “IARU” a different and unique flavor. For the sixth time since 2009, Cuban radio amateurs, mostly members or candidates of the Cuba DX Group participated in a similar adventure. Once again, T40HQ was the callsign used, so that from Havana, Sancti Spiritus, Las Tunas and Baracoa, transmissions were made both on SSB and on CW, in the 80, 40, 20 and 15 meter bands. Despite the very poor propagation, which indeed limited the operation to these four bands, it was possible to log 2871 contacts, 88 ITU zones, 123 headquarters stations and 85 DXCC entities. This activity yielded a score of 1,933,815 points, exceeding last year’s score by a narrow margin. However, beyond scores, the activity left a good taste, made only possible by leaving individual interests aside for the achievement of a common goal. As announced, those that worked the station in the four bands would be entitled to a special certificate. Without a doubt, this was no easy task. However, a total of 48 stations from Europe, Africa, North and South America made the contacts and earned the colorful certificate. A similar recognition will be granted to the few Cuban colleagues that contacted the station at least once, who were: CM2MM, CM3EFM, CM7RGL, CM8ADT, CM8CF, CO2AN, CO3LF and CO8VV. The operators of FRC headquarters station were CO2JD in 15 meters SSB, CO2II and CO2KL in 20 and 80 meters SSB, CO2YQ, CO2RQ, CO2ER, CO2SG and CO2HI in 40 meters SSB, CO6RD in 15 and 80 meters CW, CO8ZZ in 40 meters CW and CO8CY in 20 meters CW.  To them, and to all the ones that contacted us, our most sincere gratitude. (Published in FRC’s official site)


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