Available Certificates “T40HQ”

48 stations from Europe, North America, South America and Africa  worked Cuban Headquarter station T40HQ on all 4 bands where was active during IARU HF  World Championship (80, 40, 20 Y 15 meter). Those stations obtained an Special Certificate which are already available to download clicking on each callsign. The  stations are: 9A0HQ, CG3AT, CN3A, DA0HQ, EF8R, EF4HQ, K1KI, K1MK, K2R, K2RET, K2SX, K3OQ, K3ZJ, K4AB, K4BAI, K5TR, K8AZ, K9NW, KD4D, N1MM, N3AD, N4AF, N5HC, N5ZO, ND4Y, NF3R, NF4A, NP4Z, NU5AW/5, NV9L, NX6T, PJ2HQ, S50HQ, TI1K, TM0HQ, VA2EW, VA2WA, VA3DF, VA3RAC, W1AW/2, W1EBI, W1GD, W4ML, W6TK, W9PA, W9RE, WO4O & WW4LL. Thanks for QSOs and see you all next year!


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