The Cuban Award Program

By Raúl Verdecie /CO8ZZ

CubaA4If there is a latent memory of my beginnings in radio amateur, it is the image of the old timer Benito Neira/CO8AQ (SK), showing me proudly his “Worked All States” (WAS), obtained in the 30’s of past century. It was for me, in that time, a “rare” and old document, certifying the CO8AQ contacts with the fifty states of the american union. Whether or not that moment was definitive, I could not say, but the collection of diplomas has been; along with the DX and CaribeA4contests, one of my three passions into amateur radio. Since then, I’ve tried to get the best known of them from what I read in magazines and newsletters: the DX Century Club (DXCC), Worked All Continents (WAC), Worked All States (WAS), Worked All Zones (WAZ), Worked All Europe (WAE), the Islands on the Air (IOTA) and in fact, I got them; but others, perhaps not so known, those the Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba AMERICAA4(FRC) gives through the Grupo  DX de Cuba (GDXC); occupy a place of privilege in my collection. These, the domestic ones, were the first that adorned the walls of my shack and without fear of being mistaken, are the most beautiful and colorful among which I own; Only surpassed perhaps, by “The Holyland Award”, in my opinion, the most spectacular of all awards I know. With a beautiful history that began in parallel with the founding of the Grupo DX de Cuba (GDXC) in 1980 and the slogan “…in every shack of the world there would be at least one Diploma GDXCA4Cuban award” the cuban program includes four diplomas: “America”,  “Caribe”, “Cuba” and “Grupo DX de Cuba”. The last two are easier to obtain, it is only necessary to contact the eight Cuban districts in the case of Cuba and a certain number of members of the GDXC in the case of the second. Both have their specificities that vary depending on whether the applicant is national or foreign. The America and the Caribbean, are already somewhat harder to get awards and undoubtedly, are reserved for those who practice the DX. In my case, the first two came in 1996, three years after my first license as CL8ZZ; while the América and Caribe are dated one year later. However, I think that someone with better work conditions I had back in 90’s, can show them in a much shorter time. For many years, the awards were sent printed to the applicants, but after the pass of time deteriorated the vast majority of the copies stored, it was decided to grant them in a digital way, at no cost and ready to be printed. Undoubtedly, the Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba (FRC) has one of the most colorful and complete awards programs in the area of America and probably the world. Those interested on it, can download the rules here, both in Spanish and English. Applications should be sent to the following e-mail address:



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    • Joseph Fitzgerald en 28 julio, 2018 a las 11:58 pm
    • Responder

    Estimado señor;
    ¿Podría enviarnos información sobre los diplomas actualmente ofrecidos por FRC?
    Sus enlaces ya no son válidos, y no puedo enviar un mensaje en el sitio web de FRC.
    Cualquier información sería muy apreciada.
    Gracias y 73,
    Joe KV2H

    1. Hola Joe… Ya le escribí directamente. No entiendo por qué dice los enlaces no funcionan, yo acabo de abrir
      Gracias por visitar mi blog.



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